31. januar 2015

wishlist: wooden figurines

 I have a special place in my heart for trinkets and knick-knacks, making decorative items the most fun and interesting things for me when it comes to interior design and inspiration. And one of my absolute favorite(!) types of decorative things is small, wooden figurines.

You've already met my Kay Bojesen figurine, The Elephant (here) - I dream to add The Rabbit, also from Kay Bojesen, to my shelves, and I also like the simplicity of small houses and geometrically shaped wooden objects. The best thing about these, is that they only get more beautiful as years go by.

How do you like wooden figurines as a design element?


Jeg har en svaghed for træfigurer i alle afskygninger - I har allerede mødt min Kay Bojesen elefant, og jeg drømmer om at få fingrene i Kaninen, også fra Kay Bojesen. Derudover er jeg ret begejstret for simpliciteten af de små Applicata huse og de geometriske former fra Diamant æsken. Hvad synes I om træfigurer som designelement?

 photo tekst-4.jpg

30. januar 2015

the diy inspiration

Originally, I wanted to show you the inspiration behind my floating frame DIY, but I completely forgot to save the site and couldn't find it again - well, here it is.

It's a beautiful frame from the brand Moebe, at whilst it isn't actually ridiculously expensive, it's still much more affordable to make you own. Check out my DIY here - it's litterally the most simple project you'll ever do.


Inspirationen bag min floating frame DIY - de smukkeste rammer fra Moebe. Selvom de ikke er helt krydrede med prisen, så er det en anelse mere budget- og SU venligt at lave den selv. Se hvordan her.

 photo tekst-4.jpg

29. januar 2015

the very best bodystocking

Bodystocking: ASOS (here)

I own my fair share of bodystockings. Both lingerie types, ones fit for partying, and everyday comfort bodystockings as well. Sticking to the last category, I think I've finally found a favorite - and amazingly enough, it's dirt cheap as well.

This body from ASOS is everything you need from a bodystocking: it's made from mostly viscose fabric, making it light and comfortable, and it's strappy back details makes it much more flattering. The bust area is double layered and not too low cut, so you don't even need to wear a bra - making the back look that much better (and the fabric is just tight enough to hold everything in place). It even makes your butt look alright, which I think is rare for a bodystocking in this price range!

I bought mine on sale, but even at full price, it's extemely cheap, and definitely worth every penny. I usually wear my bodystocking underneath t-shirts and sweaters for everyday wear, and use them as tops to go with loose trousers or shorts/skirts for parties or in the summer. Would you like to see me style them? 


Jeg har en stor forkærlighed for bodystockings, og jeg har fundet mig en utrolig budget-venlig favorit - denne sag fra ASOS. Lige nu er den på tilbud, men selv til almindelig pris er den åndssvagt billig. Og så sidder den virkelig bare pænt! Vil I se mig style den?

 photo tekst-4.jpg