16. april 2015

life lately

It was my birthday last tuesday. 20 years old. I had planned on blogging about it, some thoughts about finally reaching my twenties (that still might happen), but then I got sidetracked. And the inspiration wasn't there. So instead I enjoyed my day, starting of with champagne brunch, then 8 hours of work. This weekend I'll be celebrating with friends, and I'll be internet free during the entire happening. After all, some moments are just meant to be enjoyed.

See you next week!

P.S. blogger fucked up and sent out some blogposts I hadn't even written yet - just with titles. Yikes. That was embarrasing! Sorry if it dissapointed any of you.


Det har været min fødselsdag, jeg er nu i tyverne, og jeg starter ud med at koble fuldstændig fra. Ses i næste uge!

11. april 2015

monochrome spring favourites

SWEATER selected - SUNGLASSES asos - BACKPACK grafea
NECKLACE selected femme - BRACELET pilgrim - DENIM SKIRT vila

Spring has finally come, and this time, it's for real. Meaning I've actually seen sunshine rather than gloomy, grey, and rainy days and the sky has been bright blue, with no cloud in sight.

Though springtime brings sunshine, it's not the warmest of months when you live in the north. So sweaters are still a seasonal favorite, and I'm in love with this one from Selected. It would go really well with the distressed denim skirt, which is definitely at the top of my wishlist (despite being white!) and I would top of the look with fine jewellery, sunglasses and a nice backpack or purse. I've been in love with the leather backpacks from Grafea for a very long time, and one day I'll own the bag above. At least, that's what I'm hoping for.

What are your spring favorites?


Solskinnen er endelig kommet, og selvom dagene er lidt varmere, vil jeg stadig begrave mig i lækre sweatshirts, som ovenstående fra Selected. Jeg har dog tænkt mig at hoppe i nederdele, som denne denimsag fra Vila, og vil kombinere det hele med sandaler, smukke, simple smykker og en rygsæk i læder.

Hvad er jeres forårs favoritter?

8. april 2015

skagen rosegold watch

I've become so attracted to rose-gold metal, that I had to get a proper watch in the shade. This watch from Skagen is absolutely beautiful with the rose-gold metal and grey leather strap - one of my favorite colour combinations - and I always enjoy supporting Danish brands and their craft.

Skagen makes some of the most beautiful watches, and they're decently priced as well. You can purchase a lot of models on Asos if you aren't in Denmark, and it's definitely worth all the money. I'm completely in love with my new accesory.


Jeg er blevet så glad for rosaguld metal, at jeg har investeret i et ordentligt ur. Det er med rosaguld skive og læderrem i lys grå - den perfekte kombination. Uret er fra Skagen, og jeg synes det er noget af det smukkeste. Skagen lavet de fineste ure, og så elsker jeg altid at støtte dansk design.